About the bath tub

Relaxation and bath salts


After exhaustion and fatigue caused by everyday sterss you can recover your strength not only with sleep but using bath salt with different composition and effect. In addition, you can apply relaxation techniques based on it, mainly when the weary person has special health problems, like sleep disorder as each product has individual function as well. Sticking to the example, the bath salt containing lemongrass which helps to improve sleeping. Actually, each salt is consumer goods but each of them has some kinds of targeted effect that amends health.


The base materials of bath salts were developed by doctors, pharmacists and herbalists who carried out researches in effects of differents herbs.
The idea comes from them that the health benefits of herbs can be combined with the therapeutic power of water. Keeping the importance of relaxation in view, at the same time they created consumer goods willy-nilly. These people can be considered as the forerunners of wellness.

The world of bath tubs


Today the bath tub is the only appliance that is able to satisfy every demand of your body to regeneration with providing unique, customized relaxation experience in your own home every day or even more times a day. It is achieved by hydromassage, that means massage with the touching effect of water and air combination at the same time.


During having a bath you can experience unique health benefits: blood circulation accelerates, the pores expand, the tissues relax, cellular regeneration and rejuvenation improves with supplies of nutrient and oxygene. The regular hydromassage prevents becoming varicosed, alleviates circulatory failure, rheumatic pain, locomotor diseases and physiological injuries caused by tiredness and stress. The bath tub cannot be used nervously  in a hurry and it must not be. Everybody achieves relaxation, rest, regeneration in different ways:
In softly sparkling water with aromatherapy or with intensive hydromassage from several directions, with light therapy.


Having a few square metres is enough



Having a few square metres of space on your terrace or in the garden is enough to enjoy the health benefits and the effects on general disposition of water giving a massage to your body in the Nature Spa wooden hot bath tubs being placed there. Of course, the function of this decorative piece of garden furniture, that gives that wonderful feeling, cannot be oversimplified.
The wooden bath tub is the oasis of calm, the isle of health and relaxing sleep. These days in our accelerated world everybody needs taking a break, relaxation, long amicable conversations and get-together. In your own pool you can have a share in it. Some enjoyable minutes spending in water bring harmony into your life. It has the desired effect – you can feel well-rested, relaxed, calm and balanced.
If you boost this pleasant feeling with hydromassage, intensified by the bubbles made by jets, you can combine a fantastic body massage and the effect of the thorough and deep meditation.